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  1.  The 18th gif in your folder is your reaction to meeting Sherlock:

    Hmm … Guess that’s about right

    2. The 30th gif in your folder is your reaction to meeting John

    Clearly I have a problem with his dates and ex girlfriends

    3. The 15th GIF in your folder is what crosses your mind as you face Moriarty:

    I’m gonna meet Moriaty!

    4. The 23rd GIF in your folder are your feelings for Mycroft:

    oops, sorry mycroft

    5. The 12th GIF in your folder is the first thing you say to Mrs. Hudson


    I’m so touched

    6. The 19th GIF in your folder is how you react when introduced to Molly

    I don’t know that to say

    7. The 17th GIF is what you say when you meet Lestrade

    Thought he was taller

    8. The 32nd GIF is what you think when you meet Irene Adler


    9. The 26th GIF are Sherlock and John’s impressions of you

    oops am i really that bad?

    10. The 4th GIF in your folder is the criminal you set out to catch evil mastermind

    Think the apple in his hand is smarter

    11. The 10th GIF is your reaction to Sherlock’s jump


    12. The 25th GIF is your reaction when John requests that you move into 221B

    You don’t hate me?

    13. The last GIF in your folder is how you speak to Sherlock and John


    14. The first GIF in your folder is how you feel about John

    He’s so funny

    15. The 21st GIF is how you feel towards Sherlock

    Come over here, you

    16. The 40th GIF is how you react to Sherlock being alive


    I’m like Sam. “Meh, I’ve seen it before”


Thank you Sandra and Ditte for this weird but awesome Gangnam Supernatural Style!

If both Sandra and Ditte has a tumblr (couldn’t imagine they wouldn’t) let us know so we can tag them!

You will always be in our hearts

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